- Professional Operator & Portrait Photographer

      W/ Years of experience Directing, Lighting & Posing models

      to get the PERFECT shot! We will help your guests look fabulous!

- Unlimited Hours of operating time for Weddings!

     We recommend 2 Hours. But like all of our services, you decide!

- Studio-Press Quality Printing at Instant Speeds
     Our professional Dye Sublimation printer, prints pictures without using

     messy ink that curls/fades your pictures  over time, and also prints at a MUCH

      higher resolution than ink-based printers, and machine cuts your strips. 

- Bound Photo Album Included!

     Each picture mounted with raised fabric  corners on a  signature page,

     with gel pens and markers for your guests to use. After ensuring the

     book is looking great, we hand it over to you at the end of the night.

- Your Names, Date, or Logo printed on every photo!

     Any graphic, overlay or design. You choose! You can even choose the print out size! You can have 2x6 Photostrips as

     shown in these pictures, or even full 4x6 single portraits! Lets collaborate!

- Digital Archive of all photos!

     The following week you will be sent a  digital (re-printable too) hi-res copy of EVERY photo(& video) from the
     booth,  with free online storage for life, hashtags and social media integration all embedded! We can also do

     uploads to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more!

- Tons of unique and fun props from around the world! 

     Chalkboards, Costume Jewelry, Wigs, Hats, Masks, Sunglasses, Props & other toys to liven up your photo!

- Unlimited HD Copies of each strip/portrait.

      As many copies for EACH guest & one with a signature in the bound photo album we give you at the end of the night!


Available Add-ons

- Customized 'Step & Repeat' Backdrop with your Names & Wedding Date!

    Just like on the red carpet! see example in graphic above   -   $200

- New Video Confessional Booth feature

    This allows your guests to leave a short audio/video recording

    with a nice message for the two of you to view later! After we

    edit the video with title screens, and more the following day,

    we send the video to you in digital format online. These videos

    are often over 10 minutes, of priceless video contributions from

    your guests which make great watching years down the road! - $150

- Clear Acrylic Photo Strip Frame Holders

    Add these as gifts for your guests to place their photo in after the

    wedding. I supply sturdy, smooth-finish, American made stands, not the

    cheap ones you can find  online, and help your guests to make use of this

    gift from the Bride & Groom!   - $1.50 per holder (Min. Order 20)

$100 discount when booked at same time as DJ service! (Cannot be combined with other offers.) Call us at 808-757-9196 now!

Your Friends...  Your Memories... Your Photobooth!
$500 Wedding Package includes: (Available by the hour for non-weddings)

YourMixMaui on TheKnot.com!

All of your closest Friends & Family together, all at the same time, in one beautiful place, dressed to impress, and having a great time.  Its a serious photo-op...

Don't Miss out!

Our Booth takes the usual Photobooth Elements: Photo Area With Backdrop, HD Camera & Lighting, Fun Props,  and an Instant Printer. Then adds a Professional Event & Modeling Photographer to maximize your guests enjoyment of the booth and provide actual Studio Quality Photography with Direction from a  pro! Right on your very own red carpet, with tons of ways to customize.     $100 Discount when booked w/DJ! Call us now!