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My son and I are adventurers... And thanks to our clients we are able to live the life of our dreams on Maui! In return, we ensure that our clients get the day of their dreams, exactly as they imagined, no matter what that takes.

In Hawaii we call Family, "Ohana". And since so many Ohana's get their start on Wedding Days. We are honored to have our Ohana, be a part of yours, during such a powerful and happy time.

Mahalo  to all of our customers, past and present.

Both back on the mainland

and now in Hawaii!

The Your Mix Ohana!

Teddy & Roland

We want to be part of your planning process from the moment you choose us! Three months prior to your wedding date, we will
meet with you or your planner in person or via telepresence to help create a minute by minute cue sheet of the days events,
announcements, and musical cues & selections. Helping you plan everything that you already do know, and identify
a list of everything that’s yet to be decided.

Then we will check with all of your other vendors weeks in advance to be sure that we are all on the same page for the big day.
You get the peace of mind of a company involved in almost 800 weddings over the years, the teamwork and thoroughness
of a family owned business, along with one of the nations most skilled DJs and Master of Ceremonies!

Using Teddys’ experience of having planned and audio engineered over 500 wedding ceremonies. He will not only provide discreet
and reliable wireless microphone & speaker equipment. But will also ensure that every word spoken is heard clearly by your guests
and any possible video professionals, without the chance of a missed word or that awful feedback sound from a microphone. Cringe!

Teddy will also ensure that any musicians you include in your ceremony are well amplified, and that any processional or recessional
music cues from songs you might choose to have him play. Are precisely timed to not distract from the moment, but to enhance it.

Contact us at for more information if you do not need a DJ for your reception, but would like
professional ceremony audio services. Please contact us for a custom quote!
Its your day, and we will be there for whatever you need from start to finish, no matter what that means. Its our job to help make the
party go as well, and as long as possible. No confusing packages, or equipment upgrades. Everything you might need, priced by the hour.
Unlike our competition, we only work for one couple per day. YOU!

You choose us, you get us, not a part-time employee. Our livelihood depends on our customers satisfaction and fun! That means we
are committed to quick responses to phone calls & emails, and going the extra mile on a personal level for each couple. In a way
that only a family business can provide.

We want to be your "(party)People on the Ground!”
During your consultation, we will help you decide EXACTLY what plays, and when, and what does not play at all. Creating customized
lists of song suggestions to help you brainstorm. Teddy is also glad to create for you, any custom mixes/mashups or edits of songs
for dances, dance routines or intros! Months in advance, to your specification, no additional charges.

It's our goal to create YOUR MIX!

Teddy has spent years developing a unique style of mash-up mixing music in a way where the beat almost never stops and the
variety is constantly changing.

Click here for examples of mixes from DJ Teddy Rux!

Taking years of experience both as a club/festival oriented DJ, along with years of Wedding, Athletic, and other "for hire" DJ gigs to
put songs together to your specification to make the pace on the dancefloor much more exciting. By knowing in detail months in
advance not only what artists, and genres our clients and their guests like, but the overall "vibe" they are imagining.
We are able to, after 800 some weddings, do our thing and fill dancefloors every time!

This method works especially well, with small groups as are a bit more common in Destination Wedding scenarios.
If a song doesnt work, it gets dropped, and we move on. Requests are always incorporated if they fit the couples style, and I love
to get creative with my clients! Whether that be during the dance, or just for background music or even theme-events!

Check the Video below for a behind the DJ Booth look at Teddy doing a live mashup mix at a recent wedding!

Microphones for speeches and customized music playlists for cocktails and dinner background. We are always glad to help entertain
your guests with any custom and creative ideas you might have or we could share with you such as Trivia, Glass-clinking
alternatives, games and anything we can do to help be part of hosting the formal portions of the evening.
This means if you want to hear a song, I probably already have it. Of course, Its my goal to know of any music you may want and
have it fully prepared in advance but If a song comes up and I don’t have it, I can get it via download in minutes, even right there
at the wedding, no matter what in almost all cases.
NO extra charges for travel for any venue on Maui!

Contact us for more info on services across the other Hawaiian Islands and on the Mainland United States! We do frequently travel
off-island for our clients and are glad to do so for a small additional fee.
In the event of the unlikely. We are an Insured and Licensed Business in Hawaii and other states, able to do work in any venue,
and have backup equipment and personnel on the ready at all times!

In addition to any uplighting that some couples or their venues might choose to add. We setup a soft water-style dancefloor area &
glowing DJ booth system that matches to the theme of your wedding colors, without making a bunch of little dots or shapes in all
of your dancefloor photography. We are always glad to provide different lighting options by request,
but believe that a subtle, more chill approach serves best in most venues, especially outdoors!

Click here to see our setup photos on Instragram!
A well-dressed, professional entertainer, along with an assistant for backup. No goofy vests, or signs advertising our company.
Service industry professionals, with a passion to serve with attention to detail, without being too visible.

Weddings - Contact us today for a hourly rate quote.

NO Hawaii G.E.Taxes or other taxes/fees.
NO Online Payment Processing Fees.
NO Confusing Packages or Equipment Upgrades.

- If you are working with a venue or independent planner. Have them contact us for special pricing!
- Further discounts are available on a per case basis depending upon services you may not need, JUST ASK! :-)
- Promotional discounts are also often available! Check WeddingWire, TheKnot and Facebook for offers!
- Kama'aina? Email us directly and show your Hawaiian ID card for a true Kama'aina discount!

Dates can be reserved with signed online contract and a $400 deposit.

Other Events - Contact us for a custom flat rate fee.

Contact us today at 808-757-9196 or Email us at
Or CLICK HERE to fill out our Inquiry Form Now!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unlike companies that employ a team of DJs to do multiple weddings in one day. We only work for one couple
per day. As such, Your Mix tends to book solid much farther in advance, so please do not wait to check with us and
see if your date is available!



With over 15 years of experience as DJ & MC for 750+ Weddings, 18 years as  a Touring Dance Music DJ & Promoter and the commitment, responsiveness and attention to detail of a Family-Owned Business. I feel I offer something few other DJs on Maui or anywhere else could.

By focusing all of my years of DJ, MC, Technology and Events experience on just One couple per day. We give our clients not only the exact Music, Look, & Vibe they had asked for on the day of.  But also, peace of mind in the months leading up.

I treat my clients the way I want to be treated as a consumer. With quick responses, attention to detail and as an enthusiastic collaborator & advocate for your celebration!